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Diana Is a professional Pakistan Model.
Diana has very natural curly hair, a beautiful shade of dark brown.  Sheen and body
are bounitiful upon her long brunette locks.


Stylin Featuring the lovely Griszelda

Stylin with some unique long hair Styles.


To Her Knees

Griszelda with Hair To Her Knees.

This video features comb, brushes, braiding and plenty of Long Hair In


This video features another natural beauty from India.
Kavita has wonderful long thick hair of a natural black sheen.
Watch Kavita preform her own long hair oiling routine.


“Silky Shawna”

Shawna is a model from Mike ColwellShawna posesses a lovely kneelength naturally golden mane.

Shawna is expert at spinning and displaying her beautiful golden mane.

A wonderful long hair video.



Griszelda is back and longer than ever.
See how much her hair has grown in 5 years.   Griszelda is so
proud ofher new length.  Brushing, combing, braids and plenty knee length
hair play
fill this feature of Griszelda.  How long will she go?



Starring the Hema our 1st Indian Model.Hema’s hair is just below knee length and thick to the ends.

With a natural dark brown color full of body which is easy to see

when she swings, tosses, combs, braids and buns her long brunette mane.
This is the 1st in videos from Hema and other Indian models.

Japanese Flax

Starring the lovely Carmilla from Japan.
Carmilla’s bluish black flaxen hair is long and wonderful.
This second film of Carmilla. Consist of more
upclose & unique footage from Carmilla.


Featuring dozens of Knee Length to Floor Length ladies.

Also included for free:

“A Salute to Hair Commercials”

With over 50 hair commercial ads.

“Truly Red”

Featuring Leslie with her fiery red mane.

Leslie is our 1st Truly Redheaded model with a wonderfully thick mane.


“The Mane Devotion”

Featuring one of the greatest long hair models ever, Shelly, and  her
devotion to her great tresses.

Consisting of scenes as long as her wonderous mane.


“The Mane Attraction”


“Shelly Is The Hairess”



“Extreme Lengths”

From the knees to the floor including well known
ladies like Diane Witt, Crystal Gayle, Michele Doria,  and
dozens of other below knee length ladies.

2 DVD set almost 2 hrs in length

“Long Hair Contest”

Feautures the highlights of the two long hair contest from 1998.

The Illinois State Fair Ponytail Contest and the Seven Sutherland Long Hair Contest from Lockport NY.



“Longer Hair TV”

Another video consisting of TVspots about super long hair.

Inlcudes Cindy Christiansen and Judy Todd plus

many more long and super long haired ladies.


“Brushing Emerald”

Featuring our lovely Emerald and plenty of brushing.

Watch emerald transform her long wavy/curly mane to a
massive mane.



“Long Hair TV”

Featuring Debra Jo Fondren in many different TV shows.

“Should I or Shouldn’t I”

Emerald after being pressured into  cutting her hair is contemplating the impossible.  The scalping of her mane.

Does she or Doesn’t she?



“Silk Park”

This film features three separate models all with long silky hair.

Filmed in a park


8 different braids from eight different long haired ladies.

“Till It Touches The Floor”

Featuring Joanna, and her thick lengthy mane.

See the Lovely Joanna and the grace with which she cares for her hair.


“The Hairess Returns”

Shelly Returns with even longer
and fuller hair.

“Combing and Brushing”

Featuring 6 different models Combing & Brushing

Their flaxen manes.


“Extreme Length”

The 1st of it’s kind.   Knee to floor length

With dozens of Knee to Floor length ladies.


“The Hairess”

Shelly in her 1st video.The first glimpse of Shelly’s hair at this length. Longer than Classis
Length thick and full.


“How Long Is Long”

Featuring Karen and herr below the knee length

Blond mane.  Brushing, braiding, combing  and more
2 DVD/video set 2 hr of super long hair


“Knee Length”

Featuring Anna, Toc & Claudia all with great lengths.


“Long Hair In Motion”

Featuring seven different models.

Jennifer Eve, Griszelda, Suzette Healea and more.



“Autumn Like The Season”

Featuring Autumn and her thick curly mane.

Loaded with flips from all angles.


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